Sunday, October 24, 2010

Kitchen of Terror

Non-disclosure again for this animation. However, I will be updating with promotional stuffs later. You'll get to see my work, just through a filter.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Troll & more work

Started a third project, Kitchen of Terror, which I'm super excited about. It's about anthropomorphized vegetables being cut up and cooked for human consumption.
Also still workin on Scott Washington's Relentless Dungeon, and cranked out another monster art piece today, but still needs a few revisions.
Above is art for the Troll monster. Again I tried to base it on common concept of what a troll is crossed with the fantasy D&D style troll, and ended with a mutated version of one of those troll dolls.
The hair still bothers me, but I need to move on. When it's seen in the game it'll only be 200 pixels so I have to keep myself from putting a lot of effort into each monster.
The face is a bit based off of the trolls from Ernest Scared Stupid, which traumatized me as a kid and is one of the few movies that gives me the willies, even to this day. That made it a bit difficult to work on this piece.
I struggled again with the skin color. Goblins, orcs, trolls and ogres all have green skin in my subconscious for some reason, so I have to force myself to come up with alternative palettes. The goblin was green, so the troll is more blue-green. Trolls in Warcraft are blue, but they're basically elves with tusks. Ogres from oblivion are blue so I'll really have to come up with something else if I paint an ogre. Maybe more flesh colored I suppose. Orcs in D&D are gray, so I'll probably do that if I paint an orc. Maybe brown-green.

Friday, October 8, 2010


Another monster for the game, Relentless Dungeon. I tried to go for angry cat ears but they ended up looking more like horns. Add that to the stance and it's more of a gargoyle than an imp. But there's so many variations of these fantasy monsters that you can't really define what is what. It's all fiction anyways, so I'm not going to stress too much about it.

I really like the end result of this one. This is my favorite of all the monsters because of its creepy pose and impish expression.

I don't have a sketch version this time as the process went pretty fast. Instead is an alternate version before input from others, along with a thumbnail.

The first version was too bulky. I was hesitant to remove the part of his back above his head, but it gives him a better silhouette. I usually start drawing things very muscle-y so I can get proper anatomy, and is also probably due to drawing superheros as a kid when I was learning to draw. 
Two thumbnails were drawn quickly so I could get a feel for both the bottom and upper portions of the monster without making it too cluttered with dark lines.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Skeleton art asset

 I painted a skeleton in Photoshop for an upcoming indie game called Relentless Dungeon from Scott Washington.

I'm not a fan of skeletons as monsters because it's too much of a stretch of the imagination for me. How can they move around without muscles and tendons and all those bits? I get so annoyed in horror movies when a skeleton lurches out of a coffin and coughs up dust. How can they cough without lungs or a throat? That's just silly. So when I went to paint a skeleton monster I wanted to draw a complicated transparent glowing magical muscle structure holding the skeleton together.

I realized working at such a small resolution would make it extremely difficult to convey that message to the player. In the end I bit the bullet of artistic mediocrity and did it the way every other skeleton has been done for the sake of readability.

 In a later revision I put the blue glow-y bits back in a much less noticeable way, but still enough to satisfy me and my skepticism of skeletons as enemies.